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Business Planning

Business planning is an important factor in determining the future success of your business. LB Carlson can help you develop and implement your strategic business plans. We can translate your goals into specific actions that improve company performance. Whether you need a facilitator for strategic planning or someone to help you implement a performance management process, our professionals will position your executive team to drive toward profit-leading performance.

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We can help your planning process by providing suggestions for the step to follow for attaining an exceptional strategic plan. We can provide ideas for setting objectives; maintain accountability and helping to facilitate the process to keep things on task.

Financial forecasts are a critical management tool in helping to align your business with expectations. A good forecast becomes the ruler to help measure ongoing success or failure of your operations. Our professionals can help you develop a credible and an effective forecast that allows management to make better decisions and focus on the future. In conjunction with your existing reporting package, our attention to detail and our unique format help make your forecasts reliable and easy to use.

A good forecast will provide information to help you make better management decisions regarding cash flow, equipment and personnel needs, and will help to evaluate and analyze other important decisions including:

  • Cash flow requirements
  • Capital needs
  • Consolidation of operating facilities
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Relocations and building purchases
  • Equipment purchases and facility expenses
  • Minimize income taxes

We have experience with designing key management reporting packages that can help you achieve success in your business. We provide suggestions for reports, formats and metrics that are the most meaningful to you. Gathering performance data is critical to helping you manage your business and we can help you go beyond the numbers to get you the information you need.
We can help you maximize performance by aligning efforts across your functional business areas and tying strategic results to individual efforts. Let our experts help you bring together your strategic plan and the organizational efforts and talents within your business. Getting your team doing the right things is critical to your success.

We assist clients to identify the right marketing metrics to monitor and measure. In so doing we help our clients to better understand their return on marketing investment. This helps clients to focus on outcomes and results for their marketing expenditures, and helps to guide decision-making in this vital part of our clients’ business.