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Workflow/ERP Systems

LB Carlson assists clients in all areas of company workflow and MIS/ERP (Manufacturing Information System/Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Our consultants’ experience comes from years of hands-on operational and executive management experience in private industries. Having managed workflow and MIS/ERP systems within their own companies gives them invaluable insight into the issues faced by management.

We work with clients to methodically evaluate workflow and the integration of ERP systems. This analysis is the basis for recommendations that will result in improved functional alignment. The goal is not merely an improved infrastructure, but also a stronger functioning team aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Carlson Workflow consultants assist with all aspects of selection and implementation of ERP systems, from requirements definition to hands-on training of users and troubleshooting.

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LB Carlson Workflow consultants are the leading ERP Systems Analysts in the graphic arts industry. Beginning with a methodical review of overall operations and workflow, our consultants then develop a System Requirements Plan matched to the client’s needs.

This System Requirements Plan is the basis for developing a Vendor RFP and Software Demonstration Plan. With weighted scoring results and feedback from the client’s internal team, an optimal system is selected. The evaluation and selection process is a team process led by our professional advisors.

Providing a professional approach to system implementations has allowed Carlson Workflow to become the leading ERP Implementation consulting organization in the graphic arts industry.

Working directly with clients, our consultants provide services that range from leading the implementation on site to taking a more consultative role. When leading the implementation, our consultants provide a complete range of project management services, from schedule management to hands-on training of employees. In the consultative role, the involvement remains at a higher level with regular meetings and/or conference calls with key team members, keeping the project on track.

Our consultants are engaged in projects on a national scope, utilizing tools like GoToMeeting and WebEx for conference calls and remote system access. These tools allow our consultants to provide unparalleled flexibility and response times required on a project as significant as an ERP implementation.

In today’s graphic arts business environment, as static and variable fulfillment continue to grow and pricing strategies continue to change, the competitive market forces companies to be able to store, move and deliver product quickly and cost efficiently.

Our consultants have experience working with companies to streamline the workflow on both the front-end processing of orders through the warehouse and delivery procedures. We can also assist your company in pricing schemes for fulfillment work to ensure that you are competitive but also charge for the services you perform.

Carlson Workflow consultants have both software experience and day-to-day working experience with many types of software. With our strong exposure in our manufacturing and graphics practices, we encounter various systems and approaches daily. This forces our consultants to do constant research to keep up with the changing technology.

When you work with Carlson Workflow consultants you will get the benefits of seasoned professionals that will be able to recommend the best software to fit your current and future needs.

Our workflow consultants systematically review and analyze the workflow of graphic arts companies. Drawing on years of experience within the printing industry, our consultants thoroughly evaluate processes and systems in place, developing an unsurpassed depth of knowledge of the client. It is important to have a clear vision of the background of systems in place in order to provide realistic solutions.