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Management Consulting

From starting a new business to developing a succession plan, the business consulting services at LB Carlson span the lifetime of a business. We support preliminary research and analysis of your business idea. You will receive knowledgeable representation for financing and transactions. Our experience and resources help you plan, design and implement through the next stage of your career and business.

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Melvin Enger

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If your business is struggling, we can help steer you back on course. Through integrity, trust and communication, our business turnaround consultants will meet with you to discuss your concerns, develop an action plan, and implement a restructuring plan so you are prepared to move forward again. Let us help you make a fresh start.
Our business turnaround services include:
  • Shareholder value enhancement
  • Restructuring/reorganization
  • Lender relations
  • Financing, capital and private equity placements
  • Finance reporting and forecasting systems/controls
  • Mergers, acquisitions, sale
  • Tax strategy
  • Operations alignment

Knowing the value of your business is important for tax, regulatory and legal reasons such as divorce or lawsuits. Valuations also play an important role in many business and financial planning situations.

You can count on a thorough independent analysis using current valuation tools and resources. Our specialized training will provide well-reasoned, supportable values relevant to your type of business. Our valuation professionals are Certified Public Accountants designated as Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV) by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

We have experience in all aspects of valuation, including the following:

  • Gifting and estate tax planning
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Shareholder transactions
  • Litigation Support
  • Financial reporting

We structure competitive compensation and benefit packages that help direct your executive team and support your bottom line. We have extensive background in designing incentive compensation programs and management incentive plans. We can assist with sales compensation strategies and reward programs.
LB Carlson works with you to facilitate a plan to complete a strategic costing review. This process is designed to increase the understanding of your cost structure and how it impacts profitability throughout the company. Our review will help you improve competitiveness in the marketplace and can help in the following areas:

  • Understanding of cost structure throughout the organization
  • Improved labor utilization and efficiencies
  • Identification of most profitable work mix and/or customers
  • Better accounting for inventories
  • More reliable estimating standards and comparison of actual to estimate
  • Knowledge of break-even points and knowledge based pricing decisions
  • Better visibility of high margin work
  • A greater understanding of production standards
  • Improved scheduling and workflow
  • And more…


Finding the right financing to meet your needs is critically important. Whether you need to connect with a banker, venture capitalist, or an equipment finance or leasing company, our experts will connect you with the right sources. We are creative in structuring loan packages and know how to get competitive funding when you need it.

Attorneys know the cornerstone of their case is the quality of their evidence. LB Carlson’s accredited litigation-support professionals provide your law team with forensic accounting services, expert testimony and litigation consulting to help build a strong case, including:

  • Economic damage calculations
  • Business valuation
  • Data analysis and compilation
  • Evidence assistance
  • Deposition assistance
  • Expert testimony

If your strategic plans include the pursuit of merger and acquisition opportunities or you are considering the sale of your business, LB Carlson has 30+ years experience in all aspects of the process. We customize our approach with each client in conjunction with their specific objectives. The following includes a brief description of some of the services we provide in the merger and acquisition process:

  • Planning – develop the plan, approach, and process in consideration of various options/alternatives and client objectives.
  • Prepare informational packet and presentation materials.
  • Prospects – define ideal target companies, research and identify prospective buyers and sellers, and contact.
  • Prepare various financial or other analysis in conjunction with process and as necessary.
  • Determine projected tax ramifications of proposed transactions and advise on structure.
  • Assist legal counsel in preparation, review, and negotiation of transaction documents/agreements.
  • Facilitate and participate in the due diligence process.
  • Assist with post-closing plans as applicable.
  • And others…please contact us to learn more.

Our consultants work hard to understand your business and industry in order to provide you with constructive and objective advice to ultimately improve your operation. We review historical financial results and trends as well as develop key performance metrics that will allow you to monitor and improve your operation.

To provide our clients with the best feedback and advice, we developed a graphic arts library, which includes a monthly reporting package. Understanding your industry performance indicators, industry ratios, profit leader metrics and benchmarks allows us to help you align staffing, equipment needs and track overall operations execution.

Energizing and preparing the next generation of managers and owners at your company is an opportunity that takes careful planning. LB Carlson can help you navigate all aspects of succession planning. We can coach you through this process and assist with training and development of succeeding family members or managers. We offer an objective viewpoint and will help you set the direction of your company.
We can help your planning process by providing suggestions for the step to follow for attaining an exceptional strategic plan. We can provide ideas for setting objectives; maintain accountability and helping to facilitate the process to keep things on task.

Financial forecasts are a critical management tool in helping to align your business with expectations. A good forecast becomes the ruler to help measure ongoing success or failure of your operations. Our professionals can help you develop a credible and an effective forecast that allows management to make better decisions and focus on the future. In conjunction with your existing reporting package, our attention to detail and our unique format help make your forecasts reliable and easy to use.

A good forecast will provide information to help you make better management decisions regarding cash flow, equipment and personnel needs, and will help to evaluate and analyze other important decisions including:

  • Cash flow requirements
  • Capital needs
  • Consolidation of operating facilities
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Relocations and building purchases
  • Equipment purchases and facility expenses
  • Minimize income taxes

We have experience with designing key management reporting packages that can help you achieve success in your business. We provide suggestions for reports, formats and metrics that are the most meaningful to you. Gathering performance data is critical to helping you manage your business and we can help you go beyond the numbers to get you the information you need.
We can help you maximize performance by aligning efforts across your functional business areas and tying strategic results to individual efforts. Let our experts help you bring together your strategic plan and the organizational efforts and talents within your business. Getting your team doing the right things is critical to your success.

We assist clients to identify the right marketing metrics to monitor and measure. In so doing we help our clients to better understand their return on marketing investment. This helps clients to focus on outcomes and results for their marketing expenditures, and helps to guide decision-making in this vital part of our clients’ business.

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