Carlson Advisors, LLP Announces Name Change and Move of Minneapolis Location

Effective July 1, 2018, we are changing our name to LB Carlson, LLP. The name LB Carlson was selected in honor of the firm’s founder Lawrence ‘Lary’ B. Carlson. Lary formed the firm in 1975 and served as a mentor for many of our current partners. Lary believed it was a privilege to provide services for our clients and to do so with integrity. Our goal is to continue to provide services to our clients with integrity, trust and concern as we have for the past forty years.

“We consider serving our clients to be a special privilege. Our profession is particularly dependent on two virtues: Trust and Concern. The client must feel a high degree of trust. That trust must be earned. We also must genuinely and sincerely care. The care has to be proven. There is no substitute for deep genuine concern for our clients and their business success”
Lawrence ‘Lary’ B. Carlson

We are also excited to announce we are relocating our Minneapolis location:

605 US Highway 169 N, Suite 650 
Minneapolis, MN 55441