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Graphic Arts & Printing

In the competitive world of graphic arts, the guidance of an experienced advocate can make all the difference in achieving success. LB Carlson has provided full-service financial and business management consulting specifically for the graphic arts industry since 1975. We understand the unique challenges of this increasingly specialized industry and our experienced staff has allowed us to become the service provider of choice for graphic arts companies nationwide.

Our professionals focus on bringing value-added solutions to your operation, going beyond financial reporting and aggressive tax planning alone. We work to discover unrealized opportunities as well as workflow enhancements to help improve productivity.

Our nationwide client base includes:

  • Pre-press services
  • Ink manufacturers
  • Sheet-fed, digital, label, screen and web printers
  • Bindery and print finishers
  • Direct mail houses
  • Warehousing and fulfillment services
  • Quick printers
  • Equipment suppliers

Our recent speaking engagements include:

  • PIMFEC Meeting: Surviving Adversity – A CEO Panel Discussion (September 2020) Melvin Enger and Rick Riesgraf
  • Print Mergers & Acquisitions (August 2020) Melvin Enger and Dawn Polfiet
  • PPP Forgiveness/Accounting/Tax Updates (July 2020) Melvin Enger, Rick Riesgraf and Darren Kray
  • COVID-19 check-in webinar: PPP loan revision updates (July 2020) Melvin Enger, Rick Riesgraf and Darren Kray
  • Understanding Your Options to Manage Your Finances Through COVID-19 (April 2020) Melvin Enger and Rick Riesgraf
  • Managing Loan Forgiveness & Strategizing for Recovery (April 2020) Melvin Enger

Thought leadership articles:

R&D Tax Credits

An Untapped Opportunity in the Graphic Arts Industry

The Carlson Client Experience

Find out why so many graphic arts professionals trust our partnership.

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