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Minneapolis & St. Cloud, MN

LB Carlson is among only a few CPA firms of our size to offer a strategic bookkeeping and payroll option. In addition, we provide a full range of accounting services, custom reporting and accounting systems solutions and support. We’ll even coordinate monthly financial/management meetings.

Consider us a trusted accounting resource that goes beyond the numbers to apply real business solutions to your individual and corporate needs.

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We want to be your accounting department. Many businesses are finding it is cost effective to outsource some or all of their accounting and bookkeeping functions. Whether it is reconciling your month end, helping enhance your internal controls, mentoring your controller, or stepping in as a part-time CFO, we can offer the right amount of support a growing company needs. Before you hire your next controller or CFO, contact our consultants to discuss the benefits of outsourcing.
We have extensive knowledge in QuickBooks and have QuickBooks Pro Advisors on staff to make your job easier.

We are also proficient in a variety of other accounting software packages including Peachtree, JobBOSS, Great Plains and Platinum. Whether you are using a well-recognized accounting software brand or a lesser-known brand, we will work with you to maximize your accounting software.

Our bookkeeping services can help your business grow and allow you more valuable time to run your business. Recognizing that all companies are different, we customize the services we provide to meet your business needs. Let our bookkeeping professionals find ways to save you money through fiscal efficiencies, taxes, and financing by preparing and analyzing financial statements or executing your monthly accounting functions. You can rely on us to take care of all of your bookkeeping needs.
Are you gathering information in your software system, only to find that you cannot get the reports you need to make business decisions? Are some of your vital reporting needs not being met with your existing software? We can help you use the powerful features of Crystal Reports to help you manage, share and deliver your critical business reports. From minor changes of existing reports to complete report design, our consultants will work with you to harvest the information locked in your software.
Does it seem like your payroll returns are due at the end of every month rather than every quarter? Do W-2s and year-end reconciliations take longer than you’d like? Our dedicated payroll professionals at LB Carlson can relieve this burden, preparing your federal and state quarterly reports at a competitive rate.

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